Where Do I Stand On Abortion?

So; in my last post, when I wrote about Ralph Northam, I said my views on abortion would be for another post. So, I figured today would be that day. Again, I 100% support the right to choose, as long as that choice doesn’t endanger the life of another human life.

Another Human Life?

As soon as sperm and egg meet, they form a genetically unique being. Therefore, I do not see it as “the woman’s body” as it is talked about. It sure is inconvenient for a woman to become pregnant, absolutely. I believe that’s so, but that’s why I think a couple should use multiple forms of contraception.


Now, I know, not all contraceptives are 100% effective, that’s why I advocate for using multiple forms of contraceptives if you are not wanting to conceive but want to partake in sexual activity with your partner. The combination of 2 contraceptives are much more effective than the use of just one. I know right now, the options for male contraceptives are extremely limited, but there is a new one showing promise to further help with that. Anyway, if A woman is on a birth control and a man wears a condom then the likelihood of pregnancy is statistically almost 0, add in Plan B if needed and it goes down even further. For conception to happen, we would need all forms of birth control to fail. So, I’m going to use the most commonly accepted, most failure prone rates for these and do some math. The failure rate of the most common birth control, the pill is about 8%, the failure rate for the condom is about 15%, and the failure rate for Plan B is about 5%. So, if we look at that, and take the birth control pill and the condom together, the probability of both items failing at the same time falls to 1.2%. So, now we add in our Plan B to that 1.2% just to be on the safe side and it drops the statistical likelihood of pregnancy to 0.06% or nearly one half of one percent. And don’t get me started on permanent forms of birth control for both men and women. Those work if you don’t think you’ll ever want to have kids. Snip snip baby.


Another thing that seems to be missed out on in society today from people who don’t want children and who complain about how birth control isn’t effective don’t seem to think about is the 100% absolute perfect, flawless, without a doubt, never will fail birth control method that exists in the world. It’s called abstinence. I know it’s a foreign concept in society today for men and women to keep it in their pants because they want all the fun and joy of reproduction without the consequences of actually reproducing, but when you abstain from sex, studies show that you’re more happy and fulfilled as a couple. Instead of filling your time with a partner with sexual things and having sex, take that time out to really connect to your partner on an emotional level. It’s much more fulfilling anyways.

BuT wHaT aBoUt RaPe AnD iNcEsT?

Obviously, I’m not a horrible person, and I would allow concessions EXTREMELY early term for rape and incest. Ideally, the victim would report within 24 hours and be given plan B, but I know the chance of that happening is low due to trauma and other extenuating circumstances. I would say, that in certain cases, absolutely not beyond the point that the child can feel and react to pain in the womb. I would advocate for an early c-section and adoption after fetal viability reached 75% to minimize further damage to the mother though, unless she decided to continue to carry the child or even better yet, keep it.

BuT i’M a WaHmAn AnD tHaT’s MaH bOdEh!

Unfortunately, the fetus is a separate body with its own genetic code. Completely different from yours and even the person you copulated with. It does contain some data and share some markers with both of you, but it is a different being entirely. But, you did choose (in a vast majority of cases) to allow the semen to make its home in your vagina knowing entirely well enough that they could find their way to an egg and impregnate you.

In Conclusion:

There are many different alternatives to pregnancy that don’t involve terminating a human life. I wouldn’t want someone to come along and murder a niece or nephew of mine, I wouldn’t want someone to come along and murder a child of mine, I wouldn’t want someone to come along and murder literally anyone. So, I don’t get why we need to have these clinics all over the place. If you want children later on in life, then plan your life according to that. Use contraceptives and or abstinence and work with your partner with an open and honest line of communication. The best thing you can do together is come out with a better understanding of each other and a better plan for the future.