The “Immorality” Of A Border Wall…

In a world where there seems to be such a controversy over a border wall along the US and Mexico border; so many on the left keep calling it an immorality. They say that there’s no way that a civilized country would build a border wall like that. I don’t believe that we need a giant concrete wall or anything dramatic like that, but I do believe that we need a wall in the sense of steel slats. I also believe that the steel slats should extend below ground as well as be enhanced with technology and personnel to detect people trying to subvert the wall. Anyway… I wanted to get a list of countries together that have walls built, planned, or currently in construction and compare their morality with other leftist ideologies since you know, walls are immoral… I’ll only be using walls built or modified since about 2010 for “modern” ideology. Countries denoted with superscript A are currently allies of the United States by signed treaties. A list of all border walls/barriers can be found here. A basic cursory search with google on each of these border walls can give you more details about each of them.

  • Belize (wall bordering Guatemala is agreed upon and will address illegal immigration as well as disputed land)
  • Bulgaria (fence with razor wire bordering Turkey was built in 2014 to address illegal immigration)
  • Costa Rica (currently has a proposed border wall with Nicaragua to address illegal immigration)
  • China (currently fortified in several major areas on both sides of their North Korean border with layers of barbed wire and fencing to address illegal immigration)
  • Egypt (currently has an above ground wall with Gaza, but are in the process of building a wall under ground to stop terrorists and illegal immigrants)
  • Estonia (has a planned border wall with Russia to prevent illegal trade, invasion, and illegal immigration)
  • Macedonia (has a border wall with Greece to address illegal immigration)
  • Thailand (has a proposed border with Malaysia to address terrorism)
  • Hungary (has fencing with concertina wire as well as electrified fencing along its border with Serbia and Croatia to address illegal immigration)
  • India (is currently building walls with electrified wire and barbed wire along borders with Bangladesh and Myanmar to address smuggling, illegal immigration, and terrorism)
  • Iran (is currently building walls fortified with steel rods along its border with Pakistan to address drug smuggling)
  • Saudi Arabia (has a border with Iraq consisting of a 7 meter high sand berm, 8km stretch of no mans land, 5 layers of fencing, 78 watchtowers, night vision cameras, radar cameras, 8 command centers, 10 mobile surveillance vehicles, 32 rapid-response centers, and three rapid intervention squads.)
  • Slovenia (is currently building a border wall with Croatia to address illegal immigration)
  • Turkey (is currently building a concrete and razor wire wall along its borders with Syria and Iran to address illegal immigration, terrorism, and smuggling)
  • Ukraine (is currently building a wall along their Russian border to address weapons smuggling and help prevent a Russian invasion)

So, by the standard set forth by the left, 15 countries in the world; 7 of which are allies of ours are immoral or have partaken in such horrible, immoral acts since 2010 because they want to secure their borders. Of the 15 countries on the list, 12 of them have explicitly stated that their walls are to address illegal immigration. The walls aren’t to stop immigration altogether, they are to stop people from crossing the border at a place that is not a port of entry. The walls are designed to send immigrants to ports of entry to claim asylum at a port of entry and begin the proper process. I am all for immigration and people coming to the USA through legal means. I am NOT for people subverting our laws to come to our country and abuse our systems for their own gain.

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  1. I’m all for the same, brother. This is the land of Americans, and people have ways to become Americans. Ignoring the legal channels and just hopping or walking on over is not it. Do it right or get sent back.

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