My First Week On PSMF In Summary

For those of you who don’t know, I’ll super briefly explain what PSMF is before going into describing my past week on this diet. PSMF stands for Protein Sparing Modified Fast, which essentially means you’re eating extremely low carbs and low fat but high protein. This diet is designed to bring your body into ketosis and allow you to use you stored fat for energy. It’s basically a good fat-loss diet and is not advised for people not being supervised medically.

Anyway, last month, one of the weight loss doctors I am seeing at the hospital, recommended this particular diet. I am seeing a nutritionist regularly and am getting bloodwork done regularly as well. This diet can go wrong if you’re not careful, so it’s important to be sure to be supervised while on it. Anyway, now that those disclaimers are out of the way; on to my description of the last week.

Essentially, with PSMF, and my allotted macros, I am only allowed to eat fish, turkey, and chicken for protein and dark green and high fiber, low carb veggies with a protein shake for breakfast. Along with this, I take a multivitamin, a prescription iron supplement twice a day, and a prescription potassium supplement once a day. These are to help keep my body from developing an electrolyte imbalance or malnutrition for missing key vitamins while on this diet that is essentially kinda like a starvation diet.

So, my typical day’s meals look like this given my current budget for the month:

  • Breakfast: Premiere Protein (or equivalent) 30g Protein Shake
  • Lunch: 12oz Baked Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast and 2 Cups of Broccoli (sometimes, I have some Franks Red Hot Buffalo Sauce on the side)
  • Dinner: 12oz Baked Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast and 2 Cups of Broccoli (sometimes, I have some Franks Red Hot Buffalo Sauce on the side)

After a week on this diet, I can say so far, it’s not fun. I’m doing it more or less because this diet is just one step towards my surgery and taking back my life.

The first day, everything was fine, I was just kinda doing whatever I needed to do to get this diet started. The second, third, and fourth days were so bad that I was weak, lethargic, shaky, and tired. The fourth day, I slept practically all day. Around the third day, I started to get a bit irritable, and getting snappy with the people in my life, kinda without thinking sometimes. Some reading, and I’ve read that this can be described as “Keto Flu” and can go away anywhere from 1-2 weeks after getting into ketosis, which is between 10 and 17 days of getting started on the diet-ish.

I’m hoping that my 2nd week will be better than the first. My last month with the dietician is set for May, meaning I’d be scheduling surgery in May, potential dates in May or June, but I won’t know for sure until I get there.

Please keep me in your prayers, I’m gonna need it.