Looks Like We’re Opening Back Up… For Now…

Well, I’m sitting here in front of my TV watching Donald Trump drone on about the illegal immigration crisis and it’s heartbreaking. We’re going to have a temporary reopening of the government, for 3 weeks while they come up with a comprehensive border security plan together. I’m hoping that he just leaves the border security crap to the experts and doesn’t bother with butting his head in there….

I am all for border security, but there is only so much you can do with the government shut down. I hate that he seems to hold that declaration of a national emergency over the heads of congress and expects some sort of a deal. Democrats need to work towards a goal together with the democrats…

What I see to be the most viable option for a completely bipartisan solution is to have a bipartisan panel of house, senate, border patrol, homeland security, ice, and other agencies involved in the immigration issues. Ask for enough funding for what they feel they’re going to need not only for the wall if they feel it’s necessary, but for officers, equipment, and vehicles to help those officers to more effectively patrol the border and ensure its security as well as judges to help speed along the immigration process. This is the way trump doesn’t get a win unless it’s a bipartisan agreed upon win, and with support from a majority. We’ve been too gummed up for too long. The best way that I feel our government can move forward is with a physical barrier on our southern border with more manpower down there to ensure that that barrier remains covered and keeps illegal immigrants on the southern side of the border.

This last little bit of time has literally wore me down mentally and I’m tired of the crazy circus in Washington.. We need to come together as a country to ensure that we remain as a country….

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  1. An idea that has been put forth is that he has tried negotiating at several turns, while the Dems hadn’t so much as budged. He has gone so far as this, the temporary reopening of government. This didn’t reflect well on him, this first bout. If it happens again…he can slam the dems, and they’d HAVE to eat it, because for weeks, he tried to negotiate. If this happens again, and they stay in this boat, they are gonna get the short end of the stick. They will have to own up or take a popularity hit…and they’re already past fractured, so they CANNOT take a hit.

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