My First Week On PSMF In Summary For those of you who don’t know, I’ll super briefly explain what PSMF is before going into describing my past week on this diet. PSMF stands for Protein Sparing Modified Fast, which essentially means you’re eating extremely low carbs and low fat but high protein. This diet is designed to bring your body into ketosis and allow you to use you stored fat for energy. It’s basically a good fat-loss diet and is not advised for people not being supervised medically. Anyway, last month, one of the weight loss doctors I am seeing at the hospital, recommended thisRead More →

My New Found Hatred Of Sleep Studies…. Sunday evening, I had a sleep study and my chart had strict orders that I couldn’t lay flat… So, the fancy, expensive hotel room that the hospital put me in for this study was really pointless… They did have one of those fancy hospital recliners in the room too though, except there was an issue there too… As a bariatric surgery patient and someone with hip dysplasia, my hips were too wide to fit into the narrow arms of that sleep recliner in the room as well. This sleep study was provided through the healthcare system I amRead More →