Where Do I Stand On Abortion? So; in my last post, when I wrote about Ralph Northam, I said my views on abortion would be for another post. So, I figured today would be that day. Again, I 100% support the right to choose, as long as that choice doesn’t endanger the life of another human life. Another Human Life? As soon as sperm and egg meet, they form a genetically unique being. Therefore, I do not see it as “the woman’s body” as it is talked about. It sure is inconvenient for a woman to become pregnant, absolutely. I believe that’s so, but that’sRead More →

My First Week On PSMF In Summary For those of you who don’t know, I’ll super briefly explain what PSMF is before going into describing my past week on this diet. PSMF stands for Protein Sparing Modified Fast, which essentially means you’re eating extremely low carbs and low fat but high protein. This diet is designed to bring your body into ketosis and allow you to use you stored fat for energy. It’s basically a good fat-loss diet and is not advised for people not being supervised medically. Anyway, last month, one of the weight loss doctors I am seeing at the hospital, recommended thisRead More →

What Should We Do With Ralph Northam? The end of last week and over the weekend was crazy with this story. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam was revealed in a yearbook photo from 1984 in either black face or a KKK hood and we’re not sure which. On February 1st he released a statement via the official website for the state apologizing for the photo. Twitter blew up with people crying out for him to resign. Even people who are running for president in 2020 in the democratic party joined in the shouting matches calling for his resignation. Later that evening, he released a video statementRead More →

The “Immorality” Of A Border Wall… In a world where there seems to be such a controversy over a border wall along the US and Mexico border; so many on the left keep calling it an immorality. They say that there’s no way that a civilized country would build a border wall like that. I don’t believe that we need a giant concrete wall or anything dramatic like that, but I do believe that we need a wall in the sense of steel slats. I also believe that the steel slats should extend below ground as well as be enhanced with technology and personnel toRead More →

My New Found Hatred Of Sleep Studies…. Sunday evening, I had a sleep study and my chart had strict orders that I couldn’t lay flat… So, the fancy, expensive hotel room that the hospital put me in for this study was really pointless… They did have one of those fancy hospital recliners in the room too though, except there was an issue there too… As a bariatric surgery patient and someone with hip dysplasia, my hips were too wide to fit into the narrow arms of that sleep recliner in the room as well. This sleep study was provided through the healthcare system I amRead More →

Looks Like We’re Opening Back Up… For Now… Well, I’m sitting here in front of my TV watching Donald Trump drone on about the illegal immigration crisis and it’s heartbreaking. We’re going to have a temporary reopening of the government, for 3 weeks while they come up with a comprehensive border security plan together. I’m hoping that he just leaves the border security crap to the experts and doesn’t bother with butting his head in there…. I am all for border security, but there is only so much you can do with the government shut down. I hate that he seems to hold that declarationRead More →