Twitchbot Commands

User Commands

!deathctr – displays the current number of deaths.

!multi – gives the multistream link that is set for this channel.

!lastseen – tells you the last time the specified user was seen. (ex: !lastseen tbstewa)

!game – tells you the current game info if the channel is online.

!title – tells you the streams current title and uptime.

!playtime – tells you how long the streamer has been playing the current game for.

!uptime – gives you the streams current uptime.

!age – tells you how long you’ve had twitch for.

!top – displays the people with the most tbux.

!toptime – displays the people who spent the most time in the stream.

!8ball – ask the magic 8ball a question! (ex: !8ball am I pretty?)

!adventure – start or join an adventure. (ex: !adventure 10)

!adventure top5 – lists the 5 top adventurers in the community.

!gamble – take a chance on increasing your balance by gambling. (ex: !gamble 100)

!kill – will kill the specified user. don’t put a user to kill yourself. (ex: !kill tbstewa)

!random – something random will happen

!roll – roll the dice for some points!

!roulette – pull the trigger and see if you’ve won… a bullet.

!slot – pull down on the handle and see what you’ve won in this slot machine.

!bet – puts an amount of money on an option. (ex: !bet 10 lose)

!gift – gifts tbux to a friend! (ex: !gift tbstewa 100)

Mod Commands:

!addcom – adds a command. (ex: !addcom !test this is a test command)

!editcom – edits a command. (ex: !editcom !test this is an edited test command)

!delcom – deletes a command. (ex: !delcom !test)

!aliascom – creates an alias to an existing command. (ex: !aliascom !test !ping)

!delalias – deletes an existing alias. (ex: !delalias test)

!disablecom – disables a command from being used in chat. (ex: !disablecom !test)

!enablecom – enables an existing command that was previously disabled. (ex: !enablecom !test)

!resetcom – resets a counted command’s counter. (ex: !resetcom !derp)

!deathctr reset – resets the death counter to 0.

!deathctr set – sets the death counter to the specified number. (ex: !deatctr set 5)

!deathctr incr – adds 1 to the current number of deaths.

!deathctr decr – removes 1 from the current number of deaths.

!multi set – sets the link for the !multi command. (ex: !multi set tbstewa tbotstewa)

!highlight – marks a highlight at a certain point. (ex: !highlight tb rages Kappa)

!showhighlights – gets a list of all current highlights in the stream.

!setgame – sets the game to the specified one. (ex: !setgame minecraft)

!settitle – sets the stream title to the specified one. (ex: !settitle who even plays minecraft anymore)

!permit – allows a user to post a link for a specific period of time. (ex: !permit bobthebuilder)

!shoutout – shouts out the specified streamer with a link to their channel. (ex: !shoutout JonSandman)

!bet open – opens the betting for users. (ex: !bet open “title” “option1, option2, option3” minimum bet maximum bet close timer)

!bet close – closes the bet with the winning option. (ex: !bet close lose)

!raider – shouts out and shows love to the incoming raider. (ex !raider spongebob)